Strategic Plan


TFCA Strategic Plan

2009 Action Plans


Strategic Objectives / Action Plans


  • Improve professionalism in the Texas fire service.


1.       Continue to provide Texas Fire Chiefs Academy classes once a year.

2.       Encourage membership to continue their formal education to the Bachelors or Masters Degree level.

3.       Promote professional credentialing through Chief Fire Officer Designation.


  • Exert a positive influence on the legislative and regulatory process.


1.       Participate in the Legislative Day at the Texas Capitol.

2.       Participate in the Congressional Fire Service Institute annual gathering in Washington, D.C.

3.       Continue to provide support for the TFCA members so they may provide testimony in Austin as needed.


  • Improve firefighter safety.


1.       Promote the adoption of current model codes in member Cities.

2.       Promote public safety education initiatives in member Cities.

3.       Continue to strengthen the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid Systems (TIFMAS).


  • Improve firefighter safety.


1.       Promote the enforcement of seat belt use by all Firefighters in Texas.

2.       Encourage firefighter training topics for health, wellness and safety as included components of continuing education training.

3.       Promote and support the Firefighter Safety Initiatives published by the Fallen Firefighter Foundation.


  • Be more inclusive both in terms of fire chiefs from all departments and in terms of other fire service disciplines.

1.       Each TFCA member shall actively recruit non-member Fire Officers and other associated fire protection professionals.

2.       Seek partnerships with other fire protection professionals’ organizations that will further the TFCA Strategic Goals and Objectives.



  • Project a more inclusive image.

1.       Actively greet potential members at fire service events.

2.       Actively recruit new members whenever the opportunity presents itself.


  • Maintain TFCA’s long-term financial stability.

1.       Continue to expand membership.

2.       Monitor investments to ensure best return on investment.

3.       Identify additional commercial entities to buy ad space and sponsorship of TFCA publications.


  • Strengthen TFCA’s relationships with other fire service organizations.

1.       Support the ongoing relationship with the Texas Association of Fire Educators.

2.       Seek opportunities to partner with other fire service organizations.

3.       Support the State Fire Marshal’s Line of Duty Death (LODD) Task Force.

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